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Energy Savings

The Solera line of products can assist in three ways: Solera engineered light diffusers have very high insulation levels ranging from R3 up to R25 to reduce undesirable heat gains or losses. Solera can significantly increase daylighted area which can reduce energy consumption for artificial lighting. Solera can assist with passive solar heating by bringing in glare free light that will not require mechanical devices to reduce discomfort glare. The mechanical devices reduce glare by blocking light that could be valuable for passive solar heating.

Life Cycle

Solera® is glass. It represents a long-life alternative to conventional plastic-based translucent glazings. Conventional plastic glazings have typical, practical life spans of 10 to 20 years, limited by color change, scratching, cracking and, in the case of FRP products, degradation caused by delamination and fiber bloom. In contrast, Solera® achieves a usable lifespan of 60 to 100 years. This is a result of several factors:

  • Glass is used as the major environmentally-exposed material. Glass holds its appearance and physical properties for an indefinite period, and serves to protect underlying components from exposure to UV-B and UV-C.
  • The spacer system is made from anodized aluminum, which is protected from the elements by an architectural framing made from the same material. The spacer system has a very long lifetime in this configuration.
  • The other significant material component in the Solera® TGU is its’ acrylic-based honeycomb transparent insulation. Acrylic, like glass, is an inherently UV-stable material. It requires no UV stabilizers. In Solera®, the acrylic component is protected from UV exposure by glass, and will have an indefinite lifespan.
  • Use of ‘equilibrium moisture dynamics’: Standard non-diffusing air-spaced glass glazing units require that the cavity be kept at a low humidity and dewpoint to prevent internal condensation. In fact, in these systems, seal failure or ordinary through-seal diffusion will exhaust desiccant, at which point the IGU will likely have to be replaced. Solera® works on a completely different principle, called ‘equilibrium moisture dynamics’, and, when properly installed, will not accumulate internal moisture. With respect to maintenance, the exterior surfaces of Solera® units are glass and require no special attention other than glass cleaning.