We understand the challenges you face in designing an insulated metal panel building with natural daylight.

Here's How the SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System Helps You Create Great Buildings:

• Lets you easily integrate glass into your insulated metal panel building, in a way that is visually appealing

• Mix & match vision and engineered light diffusion, in order to provide views and exceptional quality daylight

• Significantly lower cost than legacy glass systems

• Self-supporting and frameless - eliminates cost, thermal bridging, and construction complexity

• Dramatically improved system U value (up to 5x vs. curtainwall)

• Faster build times

• Lower labor requirements

Adding natural daylight and view into insulated metal panel buildings should be easy

SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System can give you the option to include view and natural daylight, without sacrificing insulation value, cost or aesthetic.

SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System

Insulated metal panels are a simple and elegant way to clad a building. But a metal building on its own can be dark and dreary, unless you add glass. Using conventional glass systems can be complicated, and the result can look visually awkward and negatively impact thermal performance and cost. SoleraWall® insulated glass cladding system lets you solve these problems, creating spaces that building occupants will love.

SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System is glass as a cladding, rather than traditional curtainwall, window, or storefront. It is applied directly over primary structure, in a manner that is highly similar to insulated metal panels. This cladding system allows you to mix and match metal panel, vision glass, and translucent engineered light diffusing glass - letting you provide your occupants with views and exceptional natural light. Plus SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System can provide insulation values approaching that of metal panels, which was previously unheard of in glass. This means you can easily integrate glass into your building while staying inside today’s stringent energy codes. Best of all, SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System costs less than equivalent curtainwall, and is easy on your budget.


Don't want to read? Take a watch to learn more about the SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System.


Grab the slider below to see the difference that the SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System makes.

Move the slider back and forth to see the impact that adding engineered light diffusion can make on quality of natural light in the space. The image on the left has vision glass and you can see the poor distribution natural daylight. The left side is dark and is plagued with uncontrolled light and glare.

The contrast causes glare and pain for occupants. The image on the right is the SoleraWall®  Insulated Glass Cladding System. You can see the impact that the SoleraWall® Insulated Glass Cladding System has on this space. The daylight is now controlled, uniformly distributed, thus eliminating glare, hot spots and thermal discomfort. The end result is a space that works and is a much better space for humans to occupy.

Standard Vision Glass<span>SoleraWall<sup>®</sup></span> Insulated Glass Cladding System


The above rendered building after construction.



System Construct Details

SoleraWall detail images

SoleraWall®  Insulated Glass Cladding System Product Data 

Nominal Thickness 3″ (76mm)*
Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) 7% – 55%*
Shading Coefficient 0.08 – 0.61*
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.07 – 0.51*
Centre of glass U-Value 0.2-0.055 Btu/hr·ft²·°F
Centre of glass U-Value (SI Units) 0.31-1.14 W/m²·K
Total system U-Value 0.3-0.11 Btu/hr·ft²·°F
Total system U-Value (SI Units) 0.64-1.7 W/m²·K
Sound Transmittance Class (STC) may exceed 52
*Subject to glass, insulating core and veil combination.
Standard panel size 8’x 3’(2,440 mm x 915 mm)